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School, work, taking care of Granny. Monotony spins around me in a constant circle of boring duties. Classes should be somewhat bearable here, but I can't stand all this sun. Gives these perky cheerleader types just another excuse to wander around wearing barely anything. Give me my leather pants any day of the week.

Class List :

1. Choir
2. Anatomy & Physiology 2
3. German (ich liebe deutsch)
4. Study Hall
5. English Literature

I was a little late getting in to good ol' SHS. One of the beauties of being a transfer. Always a surprise when Mum ships you off to the other side of the world. Apparently some time with Granny will do me good and cure me of my naughty, trouble-making ways. I'm not a trouble-maker. I just like to have fun. I start classes tomorrow. Stopped by school today only to fill out the last of the paperwork. Right now I'm on my laptop, which is not technically allowed since I'm at work at the lovely Sunnydale Mental Hospital. Oddly enough, not many people want to be the night receptionist at an asylum, but i find it rather soothing, both the patients and the doctors are so sweet. I had one patient offer me an invisible flower. It was quite charming.

I have a strange feeling I may actually enjoy myself here.


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